Vilac Children Accessories

Vilac Children Accessories

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Company Vilac which was founded 100 years ago in the department of Jura in France has invested in the establishment of an imaginary world of children of all ages, with its shapes, colors and lines that have found fans all over the world. Mickey, bears and other characters became friends not only for French children. Children accessories created by this company are a masterpiece in toy industry. In time of the Internet development all parents from different countries can buy Vilac on line and make their children happy.
In November 2010, an exhibition entitled “Vilac, 100 years of old wooden toy”, which took place in Musée des Arts Décoratifs was organized. As the name implies, it was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the company Vilac, which produces wooden toys since 1911. The exhibition contains more than 500 exhibits submitted by the French artist and designer Florence Doleac.
Perfect quality and durability of toys is the “face” of the company Vilac. Narcisse Villet was the founder of the studio for the production of wooden toys. Later Villet’s sons and descendants continued the family business. Cars, rocking elephant Babar, bears and dogs on wheels – these are models that won the hearts of kids and parents in many countries. Vilac toys are not only pleasing, they also help to develop imagination, creativity and communication skills of a baby and for parents it’s very easy buy Vilac on line.
Wooden Toys are unique; they never go out of fashion and continue to be attractive for many generations. The collection of educational toys Vilac is made of alder, so they are durable and delight a child long. Toys’ designers are real artists who give personality and character to Vilac toys, and see them as works of art, helping to develop the creative abilities of the child

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