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Service policy

Service scope

This www.hot-brands.com  provides users with product sales services, and users can purchase various products through this online store.


Registration and account security

Users need to complete registration and create an account before using this online store service. Users are responsible for the security of their accounts and shall not disclose their account information to others for use. Users should immediately notify our online store when discovering account theft or security issues.


Product Information

Our online store strives to provide accurate product information, including but not limited to product prices, specifications, images, etc. However, there may be errors or changes in product information, and our online store reserves the right to adjust the product information according to the actual situation.


Order and Payment

Users need to submit an order and choose a payment method when purchasing goods. Users should ensure the accuracy of order information and complete payment in accordance with the payment requirements of our online store. Our online store reserves the right to adjust product prices or cancel orders based on actual circumstances.


Delivery and Returns

Our online store will make every effort to deliver products according to the user's order requirements. Users should provide accurate shipping addresses and contact information, and ensure that they can receive the goods. If the delivery is delayed or failed due to incorrect information provided by the user, our online store will not be responsible. After receiving the product, the user should conduct an inspection. If there are quality issues or if a return or exchange is required, please follow the return and exchange policy of our online store.


User behavior

Users should comply with relevant laws and regulations when using our online store services, and shall not engage in illegal or infringing activities using our online store. Users are not allowed to disrupt or interfere with the normal operation of this online store in any way.


intellectual property right

The product information, trademarks, logos, etc. displayed in this online store belong to the intellectual property rights of this online store or its partners. Without permission, users are not allowed to use, copy, or disseminate relevant content.


Disclaimer clause

Our online store will make every effort to ensure the safety, stability, and normal operation of the service, but will not make any guarantees for the continuity, safety, accuracy, and reliability of the service. Users are required to bear their own risks when using our online store services.


Application of Law and Dispute Resolution

The service terms of this online store are applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China. If there is a dispute between the user and our online store, it should be resolved through friendly negotiation; If negotiation fails, it shall be submitted to the court with jurisdiction in the location of this online store for resolution.


Amendment and Effectiveness of Terms

Our online store reserves the right to modify these service terms at any time. The revised terms will be published on this online store and will take effect from the date of publication.


If you have any questions about the service terms of this online store, please contact us promptly.